Machines park

The company of AUTO-HIT Sp. z o.o. Branch in Makow Mazowiecki provides the services in respect of: water jet cutting, profile reeling, metal sheet reeling, welding, shot peening, and varnishing.
We hold the most state-of-art machines and devices satisfying the highest quality standards.

pm1 Machine for cutting items with water jet, applying the hydroboration system with an abrasive element – New Line – 3D-5AC-TV, WJ 2565-12 of PTV company

pm2 Bending brake of LVD company Type PPBL 200/40
Type PPBL 200/40

pm3 Tape cutter Bomar Ergonomic 290.250 GAC

pm4 Metal sheet reeling Hezinger MH3014

pm5 Profile reeling

pm6 Shot peening cabin

pm7 Varnishing cabin