Offered Products

We manufacture specialized trailers, cars and ambulances furnishings sanitation for the uniformed services and the civilian market. We produce various types of steel construction, powder distributors to prevent coal dust explosions in the mining and recovery vehicles...

Low-loading semi-trailers

We specialise in the design and production of semi-trailers with a load-bearing capacity from 30 to 70 tons as well as special units with a load-bearing capacity of up to 150 tons.
Our products are characterised by a modern and functional structure which can be adjusted to individual requirements. Modern modelling methods and computer simulations facilitate a shorter order realisation time.

Depending on the customer's requirements we can offer semi-trailers in the following options:
  • number of axels from 1 to 7
  • with a manual regulation of seat height
  • with an adjustable length, width and height of the loading platform
  • equipped with hydraulic and pneumatic access ramps
  • equipped with cranes and winches with required capacities
  • with other additional equipment according to customer's requirements.