Offered Products

We manufacture specialized trailers, cars and ambulances furnishings sanitation for the uniformed services and the civilian market. We produce various types of steel construction, powder distributors to prevent coal dust explosions in the mining and recovery vehicles...

In our offer we have mobile observation posts created for scientists, wildlife watchers , photographers and hunters.

Mobile observation posts are available in two variants - on single-axle and double-axle trailer. It is also possible to adapt the product to individual customer needs.

The mobile blind  may be transported by means by car equipped with a tow hook. The blind cam be conveniently raised or lowered using control buttons provided in its interior. When placed in the desired location, it enables the user to watch the surroundings from the height of about 5 metres.

The mobile observation post is equipped with two gel batteries to power the hydraulic unit and the LED lighting provided inside and outside the box. It also features a rectifier for fast and easy battery charging – just plug the cable in the 240V socket.