Offered Services

We offer comprehensive treatment services of metal products: plasma cutting, laser, guillotine, press brake bending and welding, cleaning and painting. We are engaged in processing water in the 3D variety of materials.

Plasma cutting

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We offer services in plasma cutting of steel. Cutting of materials from 0.5mm. This method ensures quality comparable to laser cutting with precision up to 0.4mm and only a small amount of heat input.

Maximum dimensions of cut surfaces:
  • metal sheets 2500 x 1200
Maximum sheet thickness:
  • steel - up to 20 mm

Laser cutting

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We offer our services in laser cutting of any required shapes from sheet metal and other material. This is the most modern and precise cutting method. Parts fabricated using this technology do not require any additional edge machining.

Advantages of laser cutting:

  • economical use of material thanks to narrow kerf widths
  • any required shapes can be cut out
  • non-contact cutting of ground and polished metal sheets ensures no surface breakage
  • smooth and clean surface
  • thanks to the high quality of  edges cut elements do not require any additional finishing operations
  • time efficiency
  • flexibility of the process
  • lower costs
  • high accuracy repeatability

Laser metal sheet cutting:

  • construction steel sheet up to 25mm
  • stainless steel sheet up to 20mm
  • aluminium up to 12mm
Positioning speed:
Axis parallel 200 m/min Simultaneous 300 m/min
Working range:
X axis 6000 mm Y axis 2000 mm Z axis 115 mm
Smallest programmable increment 0,001 mm Positioning error ± 0,10 mm Average positioning deviation ± 0,03 mm
Maximum work piece weight:
  • 2800 kg